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Author Topic: Covid Vaccine for XBB Variants Ready for Clinical Trials - China  (Read 262 times)

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SUMMARY - WestVac, a Chinese-based pharmaceutical company, has developed a Covid vaccine made to combat the XBB lineage of the virus to be ready for clinical trials.

COMMENTARY - Although promising, let us remember that China (and, by extension, a lot of their companies) is not entirely transparent with it's information and details concerning a lot of topics, including Covid-19.

Entering a clinical trial is not synonymous with succeeding in what the treatment sets out to achieve. A lot of these trials fail. If every drug or treatment that entered clinical trials succeeded in what they had wanted to accomplish, we would already had cured several forms of cancer along with Alzheimer's & Parkinson's disease by now. This is also not an mRNA-styled vaccine, such as the ones from Moderna or Pfizer and, given past history, mRNA-styled vaccines have had the most success in dealing with the virus.

As in all such cases, let us hope for the best from these clinical trials but be prepared to keep searching for a more successful response.


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